Can an AC Tune-Up Ensure a Longer Lifespan for my Air Conditioner?

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Regular AC tune-ups are an important part of any well-rounded home maintenance plan. If you’re interested in getting the longest possible lifespan out of your air conditioner, keep up with your maintenance visits. Getting regular tune-ups really can help you enjoy a longer lifespan from your cooling system.

You System’s Average Lifespan

The average air conditioner in Florida will live for 10 to 15 years. However, some systems fail before they reach the 10-year mark, and others may last as long as 20 years. What’s the difference? Maintenance is one of the most significant factors in the lifespan of your air conditioner. If you care for your system properly, it will enjoy a longer lifespan that’s close to 15 years. A system that’s neglected, however, may fail around or even before its 10th year.

How a Tune-Up Helps

An AC tune-up does several things for your air conditioner. This routine visit gives your system the care and attention that it needs to operate at peak efficiency. With regular tune-ups you’ll enjoy:

  • A cleaner system: As part of your maintenance visit, our technicians thoroughly clean your unit, removing dust and dirt from the condenser coil, relays, contactors, and motors. We also clean your condensate drain and treat it to help prevent microbial growth. This will prevent clogging, water leaks, and breakdowns in the heat of the summer.
  • More efficient operation: We test your thermostat, adjust belts and pulleys, tighten electrical connections, and lubricate motors and bearings so your air conditioner operates more smoothly. This helps your parts last longer.
  • Prompt repairs: The longer an issue is left to linger, the worse it will typically become. We can help you handle repairs at the first sign of trouble before one faulty part has a chance to impact others and potentially bring down your entire system.

Ultimately, regular maintenance visits will take unnecessary loads off your air conditioner so that it can run more smoothly. When your air conditioner doesn’t have to struggle to work with layers of dust on its components or loose and poorly calibrated parts, it’s going to last much longer, giving you extra years of cooling from your investment.

When to Schedule Tune-Ups

You should schedule air conditioner maintenance at least once a year. The best time is before the peak season in early spring or late winter before you need to start cooling your home regularly again. We offer comprehensive annual maintenance plans that will help you stay on top of this. We offer bronze, silver, and gold packages so you can find the service plan that best fits your needs. In addition to your yearly tune-up, these plans will also provide you with priority scheduling for service calls and a 15 percent discount on repairs.

Other Life-Extending AC Tasks

Scheduling professional maintenance isn’t the only thing you can do to extend the lifespan of your cooling system. Try these tasks to get additional years from your system:

  • Change the air filter: Change the air filter as needed for your use, typically every one to three months to make sure your air conditioner has a steady supply of clean air. If it has to work hard to pull air through a dirty filter, it will create extra strain on both the indoor and outdoor unit that will definitely lower the system’s lifespan.
  • Landscape around the unit: Clear the space around your AC unit for at least two feet in all directions. Trim back grass and shrubs and keep leaves, sticks, and other debris away. This is another way you can make sure your air conditioner gets easy airflow.
  • Pay attention: Be mindful of strange sounds or smells coming from your air conditioner. Call for repairs as soon as you notice something is not normal. Scheduling an air conditioner repair early, rather than late, can prevent complications that will do extra damage to your system.

Are you overdue for a preventive maintenance visit? Don’t wait any longer. Make your appointment today by calling Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning at 888-831-2665.

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