Del-Air As the summer wears on, you expect your air conditioning to work properly throughout the entire season. Maintaining a cool and consistent temperature inside your home is key to a well-running HVAC system. However, you should always be prepared in case something goes wrong with the AC unit. Here are a few tips on how to know when your AC is having a problem — and when to call for air conditioning repair homeowners need to keep comfortable in the heat. Drainage issues If the air conditioner’s condensate drain is clogged the condensate pan that is located beneath the evaporator coil will overflow. An HVAC technician should be called to flush the drain and clean the pan. Electric failure The wires and terminals that help control the AC can become loose or corroded over time and affect the performance of the air conditioning unit. Wires and connections can be tightened or replaced by an HVAC expert who will also inspect and test the system to ensure it cycles on and off properly. Dust accumulation Dust and dirt build up inside the AC unit and can cause damage to crucial parts like the coils, fan, and motor. These components can be cleaned by an air conditioner technician, but you can also help reduce the accumulation of dust by changing the air filter when it’s dirty and taking a hose to the outdoor AC unit every month. Refrigerant leaks When the refrigerant leaks, it drastically decreases the cooling potential of your home’s air conditioner. Ice will build up on the unit as well. The HVAC technician will fix the leak and top off the AC with enough coolant. If you recognize any of these problems with your AC this summer, contact Del-Air for air conditioning repair homeowners can count on being done quickly and reliably. Call (855) 972-9943 for prompt service.

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