Conquer Dust In Your Home Once And For All


Does it ever seem like, the day after you dust, your home doesn’t look like you cleaned it at all? Unfortunately, this is a common problem among homeowners that we, as air conditioning pros, see quite often. However, there are some things you can do to lessen the amount of dust in your home, provided that you first understand where the dust in your home is coming from.

Here are some of Del-Air’s top tips for identifying sources of dust and cleaning your home more effectively:

Outside Sources: Dust doesn’t just originate inside the home. In fact, dirty air can slip in through open windows, leaky air ducts, and air leaks in the home’s exterior. Additionally, family members and visitors can track dirt in on clothes and shoes.

Indoor Sources: Of course, there are plenty of sources of dust inside the home. Hair and dander from pets are major culprits. Additionally, dust can originate from cooking, fabric fibers, and home remodeling projects.

Tips for Reducing and Removing Dust

Dirty air filters circulate dust and other unhealthy substances through the home. If you change your filters regularly, and switch out older models for higher-efficiency options, you can do a great deal to cut the amount of dust circulating in your house. Additionally, buying a HEPA vacuum can help reduce instances of asthma and allergies among your family members. It’s also a good idea to check doors for weather stripping and caulk and seal around windows, door frames, electrical outlets, and other possible air leaks in your home’s exterior.

While switching out air filters is crucial, it’s also important to make lifestyle changes to cut down on dust pollution. You can improve indoor air quality by instructing family members and guests to take off their shoes and coats in the foyer before entering the home. Additionally, you should aim to keep your doors and windows shut whenever possible. Finally, you should have Del-Air check your ducts for leaks and seal them if needed. According to ENERGY STAR, most homes lose 20 percent to 30 percent of the air flowing through their ducts due to holes.

Trust Del-Air With Your Indoor Air Quality

A leader in air conditioning services, we are passionate about helping homeowners conquer dust to keep their loved ones breathing right. Contact Del-Air today for more information on a new system that can more effectively clean the air in your home at (855) 972-9943. We look forward to serving you.