You only need minor handyman skills to take on these simple tasks –
a small investment of your time can pay off in a big way once the scorching
summer is upon you. Prime your home for maximum energy efficiency
now and you’ll be basking in cool comfort during the hot months
without worrying about a hemorrhaging bank account!

Install ceiling fans and floor fans. The pleasant, circulating air from
a ceiling fan helps to push away the natural body heat that we all have,
as well as cool our perspiration. Ceiling fans and portable fans are often
sufficient to keep our homes cool on those temperate days when the sun
isn’t blazing down so intensely. If you choose ceiling fans with
lights, it’s a good idea to find models with compact fluorescent
lamps (CFLs) – these conserve energy and radiate much less heat
than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Regularly replace or clean air-conditioning filters. Replace dirty, disposable
filters and thoroughly wash renewable ones in your central A/C system
or window unit(s) – smooth flow of clean air keeps your cooling
systems operating efficiently. Your home gets cooler faster, stays cooler
longer, and the air you breathe is healthier.

Dehumidify! Humidity is a principal culprit in the dog days of summer.
A modest, 40-pint capacity dehumidifier can reduce the workload on you’re
A/C system, decreasing home cooling costs and increasing the comfort level
of your home. Warm humid air is also a chief contributor to the growth
of harmful molds and mildews, so less humidity in the home equals improved
breathing conditions!

Shade your air conditioning system. An air conditioner is a heavy, hard-working
appliance with a sheet metal exterior – it can become incredibly
hot when exposed all day to the scorching sun. Planting a tree,
some bushes or providing some type of shading will help decrease you’re
A/C unit’s workload.

Don’t forget preventive maintenance. A qualified service professional
from Del-Air will clean and lubricate your a/c system, ensure the refrigerant
is properly charged and up to date with current environmental safety standards,
and inspect, test and clean all working parts. A little preventive maintenance
during the off season will ensure your system is tip-top and ready to
go on the first searing day of summer!

Seal the deal. Inspect weather stripping and caulking throughout your home’s
windows and doors, looking carefully for growing gaps and crevices that
let hot air in and cold air out. Caulking and weather stripping are inexpensive
and easy to install. This is a beneficial thing to do for cold weather
months as well. Window-mounted air conditioners should also have the accordion
seal inspected for any loose-fitting areas. Even light switches and outlet
plates can be a means of intrusion for hot, humid exterior air.

Insulate your hot water pipes. Radiant heat from hot water pipes (and,
depending on its location, your hot water heater) can undermine the hard
work of your air conditioning system. Wrapping visible pipes with approved
foam insulation is a wise investment that will benefit your home in both
warm and cool weather months. Please note: If your hot water heater is
gas powered, consult a professional before attempting to insulate.