Del-Air Is your power bill getting a little too hot to handle? At Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we don’t just provide AC repair–we are committed to keeping our customers’ air conditioning bills down during the scorching summer months. Here are some of Del-Air’s top tips for lowering energy costs without turning off your air conditioner all together:
Tips for Reducing Energy Costs Change the temperature. Just because the temperature rises doesn’t mean your AC bill has to follow suit. To keep your energy costs down, consider turning the thermostat up a few degrees before you leave for school or work. If you don’t have family members or pets at home during the day, you may even be able to turn off the air conditioner all together for a few hours. Switch it on again when you get home to ensure a good night’s sleep. Check your filter. A dirty filter can affect your home’s indoor air quality, as well as the efficiency of your AC system. Because the air handler must work harder to force air through the clogs, your AC will expend more energy trying to cool your home. By checking and changing your filter regularly, you can reduce electric bills while ensuring your family is breathing clean, allergen-free air throughout the year. Utilize fans. Although they don’t actually lower the temperature of a room, electric fans create a breeze that makes it seem like they’re doing just that, without expending as much energy as your air conditioning unit. Make sure your fan is rotating counter-clockwise for the best wind-chill effect. When you start feeling cooler, take a moment to turn the AC down a few notches. You can begin saving money each month without sacrificing your family’s comfort in the process. Let Del-Air Help Lower Your AC Bill It’s no secret that air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of monthly energy costs, and these prices can climb even higher when your AC isn’t functioning at top capacity, and you have to pay for AC repair. Call Florida’s cooling experts today and keep your family cool and comfortable year-round. How do you save money on your power bill? Share your money-saving tips and tricks with us and we’ll share them with our followers.

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