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Del-Air Thinking of buying a new air conditioning system in 2016? If so, it’s important to do your research. The AC brand and model you choose can affect, not only your family’s health and comfort, but also the amount you spend on energy costs month to month. Further, the more expensive AC units often save you money in the long run. Weigh your decision with regard to initial costs and lifetime costs carefully before selecting the best cooling system for your home. The goal is to make the most of this significant investment Here are some of the key elements to consider when performing a cost analysis for a new AC system: First Costs vs. Lifetime Costs The initial cost of an AC replacement includes the dollar amount on the price tag and installation fees. However, the lifetime cost of an AC replacement factors the initial costs, installation costs, ongoing operating expenses, and the estimated maintenance and repair costs for the life of each air conditioner in consideration. While buying that inexpensive AC might seem appealing now, in the long run, the added repair costs could make it somewhat less than a bargain. Quality Air Conditioner Features Higher-quality AC features and higher initial costs tend to go hand in hand, especially since the superior cooling systems cost more to manufacture, offer a greater return on investment (ROI), and utilize better components to meet higher standards. Because of their enhanced features, these ACs might be the better deal long term. Dependable Cooling Performance Choosing a higher-quality air conditioner typically ensures better performance and fewer repair bills. Not only do the best ACs offer improved ventilation, but they also do a better job of reducing humidity so your family can breathe easier. Let Del-Air Install Your New AC System The long-term value of yourAC replacement investment also depends on professional system installation. Not only can installing an AC yourself result in a voided warranty, but it can also leave your family with substandard cooling. Contact Del-Air today to see how we can help your air conditioning function better or ask us about options for new system installation. In most cases, we can be at your front door as soon as tomorrow, so more comfortable living is right around the corner.

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