Del-Air Changing your air filter may seem like an unnecessary and tedious task if your home is already cool. However, a dirty filter can make your system work harder, reducing efficiency and harming the overall air quality in your home. Florida’s source for expert heating and AC, Del-Air specializes in keeping your family comfortable year round by ensuring your air filter is functioning at top capacity.
Increased Efficiency Want to enhance the efficiency of your AC system? Change your air filter regularly. When your filter is clogged, the AC runs less effectively, resulting in diminished air quality and higher electric bills each month. Over time, a dirty filter not only reduces the efficiency of your system but may also shorten the overall lifespan of your unit. Switching out a dirty air filter is the best way to maximize your air conditioner’s performance for the long haul, while saving you the cost of a complete system replacement. Improved Health Of course, changing your air filter isn’t just about saving money–clean filters are crucial to keeping your family healthy throughout the year. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a host of health problems, including allergies, sore throats, coughs, and even breathing problems and asthma. By changing your filter as needed, you can reduce the presence of dirt and other particles in the air and preserve your family’s health and comfort year round. Enhanced Air Quality Along with boosting air quality in the home, changing your air filter on a regular basis helps you do your part to protect the environment. By installing a clean filter, you can limit the amount of energy you consume and, as a result, reduce your overall carbon footprint. Call Del-Air for Expert Air Filter Installation At Del-Air, we offer a wide variety of air filters by all your favorite brand-name providers, including Amana, Carrier, and Trane. Call today for more information about keeping your home cool or heating while preserving the overall lifespan of your AC system with Del-Air. How often do you change your air filters? What other steps do you take to improve the indoor air quality of your home? Share this post and comment.

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