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del-air If your AC cools your home for a period and then trips your circuit breaker and shuts off, it could be a sign of trouble that a Del-Air technician needs to address. As leaders in air conditioning service, we can inspect your system and correct any issues quickly, before they affect your quality of life. Typically, your AC breaker trips when there’s a short circuit, the AC works too hard, or there is a part of the system that is old or malfunctioning. If you continue to run your AC under these conditions, then you could permanently damage the air conditioner. In this case, it’s wise to get a professional AC repair technician out as soon as you can. Here are some specific reasons that an AC might trip the breaker:
  • Dirty Air Filter – If your air filter is clogged, then the blower will have to work harder to send air circulating. As a result, the unit has to use more electricity. The end result is a higher utility bill.
  • Bad Capacitor – An old or malfunctioning capacitor can result in the compressor pulling on locked-rotor amps. The breaker often trips under these circumstances.
  • Old or Weak Compressor – Old compressors often struggle to get started. Hard starting draws more electricity than would be used under normal circumstance and could cause the circuit breaker to trip.
  • Loose Electrical Components – Electrical shorts and circuit trips can occur if motors run too hot for too long, causing the insulation around wires to degrade.
Additionally, other problems can cause an AC to trip over a breaker. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong, don’t wait to call in the Del-Air team for service. Contact the Del-Air Professionals for AC Repair A leader in air conditioning service, Del-Air recognizes that most of the solutions for your AC tripping the circuit breaker can only be handled by a professional. Contact Del-Air today to schedule your appointment. You can rest assured knowing our licensed professionals will handle the issue quickly, expertly, and with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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