Drain Line Cleaning 101 For The Homeowner


Air conditioners don’t just keep you cool during the hot summer months.
They also reduce the humidity level in your home by removing excess moisture
from the air and transporting it outside using a drain line. Unfortunately,
now and then, the drain line gets clogged with algae and mildew. In the
long run, water can back up and overflow back into the AC unit, affecting
both the effectiveness and longevity of your system and can also mean
AC repair in Tampa for your unit. Here is a step-by-step guide from Del-Air for cleaning
your drain line successfully:

Step #1. Turn off the air conditioner and cut the unit’s electricity source
at the breaker box. This step is crucial for protecting yourself throughout
the cleaning process.

Step #2. Remove the air conditioning unit’s housing panel to find the evaporator
coil and drain line. You will see the drain pan at the bottom of the housing section.

Step #3. Clean the air conditioner drain pan. While many people use vinegar, you
can also opt to clean out the pain using hot water and a touch of dish
soap. Let the solution stand for half an hour and use a clean rag to prevent

Step #4. Find the copper pipes leading to the exterior of the AC unit.

Step #5. Remove the 90-degree cap, which fits on a T-shaped connector on the PVC
condensation drain pipe. Doing this will open the access hole of the pipe.

Step #6. Use a hose to remove mildew and other debris that is trapped in the pipe.
Be sure to remove the hose after the water enters the pipe to avoid flooding
the pan by mistake.

Step #7. Remove the clean rag from the drain pan and close up the AC unit.

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