Energy Efficient Measures That Actually Save You Money


Over the past five years, homeowners have seen their energy bills continue
to rise. This surge in utility cost could be attributable to a number
of factors, including an increase in average home size or an overall uptick
in the number of devices within the home that use electricity. Additionally,
some homeowners find that they’re losing money each month because
they have an HVAC unit that is either too big or too small for their home.
Also, there is the very real possibility that the actual cost of energy
is going up.

Whatever the cause may be, there are a number of surefire ways to lower
your monthly energy bills and save your family some money. Del-Air, the
leaders in air conditioning services, shares their tips:

  • Seal All Possible Air Leaks: Take the time to plug any air leaks to save money on your energy bill.
    In particular, pay close attention to your basement and your attic, as
    these areas are where a majority of the cold air enters and the hot air escapes.
  • Use Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs: To further cut down on your electric bill each month, be sure to install
    Energy Star certified light bulbs throughout your home. Not only do energy-efficient
    bulbs use up to 90% less energy than their traditional counterparts, but
    they also last 10 to 25 times longer. Moreover, each bulb can save you
    upwards of $80 in energy costs over the course of its lifetime.
  • Reduce Your Water Heater Temp: Believe it or not, water heating can account for up to 12% of your electric
    bill every month. However, for every 10 degrees you lower the temperature
    on your water heater, you can expect to cut around 5% of that cost. In
    order to help your water heater run more efficiently, try lowering the
    temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Buy a New Air Conditioner and Save: It’s a fact that a new air conditioning unit can help you save money
    on your monthly energy bill. With their higher efficiency ratings, our
    ENERGY STAR models can help you save up to 30-50% on your cooling costs.

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