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Del-Air Evaporator coils, the winding tubes inside your HVAC unit may seem like small potatoes, but the truth is that they have a profound impact on your system’s ability to cool the home. In fact, the evaporator coil, known to many as the indoor coil, is the unsung hero of any home heating or cooling system. AC repair leaders, Del-Air, explain your AC’s evaporator coils’ function. Typically made of copper, steel, or aluminum because of their heat-conducting properties, coils hold the refrigerant, which is the substance that makes indoor air conditioning possible in the first place. This liquid is what cools the home and removes that unpleasant humidity from the air your family is breathing. In a properly functioning AC, a fan pushes air over the evaporator coil. As the air hits the coil, the moisture is condensed and distributed into a drip pan. However, an evaporator coil’s job doesn’t stop there. After cooling the air in the home, the refrigerant transports the air by a tube to the outside component of the AC unit, also known as a compressor. Refrigerant reaches the compressor as a warm vapor, and then departs against as a hot one with higher pressure. The condenser then cools the high-pressure, hot refrigerant vapor and changes it to a cooler liquid form, which travels to the evaporator coil. The coil blows cool air through your ductwork to the desired spaces in your home, and the refrigerant keeps circulating until the set temperature on your thermostat is achieved. Essentially, your evaporator coil acts as a heat exchanger, removing heat from the air in the summer and adding it in the winter. Contact Del-Air for Expert Evaporator Coil Service A dirty indoor coil lowers the efficiency and performance of your total system and can result in a number of problems, including frost buildup and higher energy usage. To keep your AC operating at design performance, have your coil cleaned regularly by the AC repair team at Del-Air. Leaders in HVAC services, we can handle all your AC repair and installation needs. For more information about our premium services, call (855) 972-9943 today, or contact our team online.

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