As Florida residents, we are often more concerned with our AC units than
our furnaces. However, the truth is that it’s equally important
to prepare your heating system for winter as to prep your cooling system for summer. Here are
some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make in safeguarding their homes’
heating systems throughout the year:

1. Not Cleaning Your Gutter

Think a clogged gutter has nothing to do with your heating system? Think
again! Allowing leaves to accumulate in your gutters can cause serious
issues for your drainage system. Not only can water buildup flood your
HVAC unit, but it can also cause serious and costly damage to your home’s
structure. Clean your gutters regularly to keep your home safe and your heating system working at top capacity.

2. Not Insulated Properly

Many homeowners make the mistake of ignoring insulation problems in their
houses and attics. However, when the temperature drops, uninsulated walls,
windows, and doors can allow cold air to permeate the property. As a result,
your heating system must expend more energy to replace lost warmth. To
keep utility bills on the down low, make sure attic insulation spreads
past the rim joists and that openings for windows and doors are thoroughly sealed.

3. Not Repairing Cracks

Wall cracks and holes aren’t just cosmetic problems; they also allow
cold air to enter your home during the winter months. To minimize the
workload on your furnace, take the time to repair cracks with weather-stripping,
foam, or caulk. By controlling the flow of cold air inside, you can limit
the amount of energy you are using to heat your home.

4. Ignoring Odd Odors

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is ignoring strange smells from
your home’s heating system. While many odors are signs of small
issues like dirty filters, they can also indicate a larger problem like
a broken system component or even a gas leak. If you notice an odd smell
when you turn on your furnace, don’t hesitate to contact your HVAC
technician for immediate inspection.

Protect Your Heating System All Winter Long

Even though Floridians use their heating systems less frequently than their
AC systems, they should still take care to keep these units in top condition.
Del-Air specializes in maintaining furnaces and heat
pumps year round. Call our heating specialists today and rest assured knowing that your family’s health
and comfort are our top priorities.

Are you making these common heating mistakes this winter? Tell us how you’re
going to fix them.