Florida homeowners may assume that the great outdoors is to blame for their seasonal allergies. And while outdoor plants certainly play a role, the truth is that indoor allergens contribute to a wide range of health conditions, including colds, asthma attacks, and respiratory issues. From mold to mildew, dust to dirt, the air in your home is rife with contaminants that can affect your family’s health and well-being. Here are 4 eco-friendly ways that the air conditioner pros Del-Air recommends for improving air quality:

Decorate with Plants

Looking for an affordable and eco-friendly way to boost indoor air quality? Add some plants to your décor. Because they absorb volatile organic compounds in addition to CO2, houseplants do a great deal to improve the quality of air your family is breathing. For ease of care, consider purchasing an aloe or spider plant or even a Christmas cactus.

Increase Air Exchange

In the past years, American homes have become more energy efficient. While this is good news for utility bills, it doesn’t necessarily support air exchanges between indoors and out. To improve air quality in the home, make it a point to open the windows and doors on mild days.

Purchase a Purifier

Interested in improving the quality of the air your family breathes? At Del-Air, we recommend purchasing an eco-friendly purifier that employs a fine sieve for particle filtration. You can reduce aerial contaminants while improving overall airflow and AC system efficiency.

Let Del-Air Help Keep Your Family Healthy

At Del-Air, we aren’t just concerned with cooling your home in the summer or heating it in the winter; we also want to improve the quality of the air your family is breathing year round. From replacing filters to cleaning ducts, we strive to enhance your home’s air using the most eco-friendly maintenance and repair methods. That’s why we offer 3 popular maintenance packages to meet clients’ needs for their air conditioner. Call (855) 972-9943 today or contact our Florida HVAC experts online.