Looking for a way to cut energy costs while beautifying your home? The
solution might be simpler than you think. By planting a few strategically
placed trees around your yard, you can lower cooling costs while improving
air quality and enhancing the overall value of your property. Along with
providing top-quality AC services in the area, the team at Del-Air
Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in helping clients cut their
energy bills throughout the year. Here are some of Del-Air’s top
tips for effective tree planting in central Florida:

Target the South Side.

Want to maximize natural shade around your home? By planting trees on the
south and west sides of the house you can improve the appearance of your
property while cutting down on sun exposure. Without direct sunlight,
your home will stay cooler during the day, resulting in lower electricity
bills. Additionally, trees produce water vapor to lower overall temperatures
in the yard, so you can enjoy the great outdoors during all the dog days
of summer.

Space Trees at 40 Feet.

It’s not enough to plant trees around your yard; proper spacing helps
ensure that your new greenery produces the best possible energy savings.
At Del-Air, we recommend installing trees 20 feet from the house and 35
feet apart from one another. Your new trees will have plenty of room to
grow while providing maximum shading benefits for your home.

Plant Around Sidewalks.

While sidewalks are great for walking and bike riding, they don’t
necessarily help you save on home energy costs. By planting trees near
the sidewalk, you can reduce the effects of heat reflected off the concrete,
cutting indoor electric bills in your home.

Protect the Earth and Your Energy Bill

It’s no secret that electricity bills are a huge expense for Florida
homeowners; in fact, experts estimate that heating and cooling costs the
average resident more than $1,000 each year. At Del-Air, we strive to
help families cut energy costs by designing customized systems to meet
your home’s specific needs. Visit the Del-Air blog for more great
money-saving tips, and then call
air conditioning repair experts for help keeping your family cool and comfortable throughout the year.

Do your home’s trees help reduce your energy bills? Share your tree-planting
tips with our followers so they can get the most savings out of their
new trees.