Heat Pump

How a Heat Pump Heats My Home

Like most Clearwater, FL homeowners, you likely consider a heat pump installation in warm and sunny Florida when it’s time for a new HVAC system. Heat pumps give you optimal comfort while saving you money.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Rather than generating heat like furnaces, these systems move heat from one place to another. Powered by electricity, a compressor and a circulating system of refrigerant, this technology warms your home by moving outdoor heat inside. There is ambient heat in the outdoor air as long as temperatures remain above freezing. In cooling mode, heat pumps work exactly like air conditioners. They collect warm indoor air and move it outside. A reversing valve automatically directs the flow of refrigerant according to your thermostat setting.

Heating and Cooling in One Unit

Winter temperatures in Clearwater can get a bit chilly when slow-moving cold fronts travel through the state. Although some of us don’t mind the chill, many others prefer cozy warmth, even if just for a short time. When that happens, a heat pump will give you reliable heat on demand.

Affordable and Cost-effective Comfort

Heat pumps outperform furnaces, radiant heating systems and electric baseboard heating when it comes to comfort, costs and energy efficiency. They can reduce the electricity you use for heating by up to 50 percent, and that will reduce your monthly energy costs. Additionally, you will eliminate the threat of gas and carbon monoxide leaks and enjoy a safer home.

Energy-efficient Incentives

HVAC contractors and energy suppliers at the federal, state and local levels often provide savings, incentives, discounts and rebates to homeowners who install high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. Energy Star also offers savings on qualifying products. The team at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning can increase your home’s energy efficiency, provide you with optimized, year-round comfort and reduce your energy costs. Call us now to learn more.