As we ready ourselves for the winter season, folks living in cold regions
around the world have to prepare for ice and snow. Bundling up takes on
a new meaning when you’re wearing more than three pieces of clothing
just to stay warm! Here are some of the ways we suspect these people that
live in bone-chilling temperatures keep warm enough to work:

Proper Insulation

Living in igloos or packed-snow houses like Alaskan eskimos provides home
and shelter during below-zero temperatures. Igloos are built from compressed
snow blocks, which are stacked around a hole. Snow has many air pockets
and is much lighter when compared to solid ice. Igloos are also constructed
in layers. The upper level is normally the sleeping quarters, the fire
is in the middle and the bottom is the cold sump. The cold air from inside
the igloo moves to the bottom and allows the upper areas to be warmer.
The entrance is at the bottom and has one right angle for preventing high
winds from blowing out the fire and freezing the residents. A small hole
at the top keeps the smoke from building up inside of the igloo.

Loose Clothing

People living in colder climates may look bulky but they’re keeping
warm! Most of the bulk may result from the layers of clothing they’re
wearing just to stay warm in the cold, Northern temps. Wearing tight clothes
can cause perspiration that lingers on the skin, resulting in frostbite
and even nerve damage, so loose layers are the best plan of action.


Finally, if residents living in polar areas have a roaring fire in their
fireplace, more than likely they’re not building it out of logs
since Arctic areas are seriously lacking when it comes to tree life. Instead,
they probably warm up by a crackling fire created with animal fat!

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