How Do You Know When It’s Time For An AC Tune-Up


A failing AC system can make being indoors seriously miserable, and savvy
homeowners understand that regular maintenance is essential for boosting
comfort levels without sending utility costs skyrocketing. From changing
out air filters to cleaning cooling coils, a skilled technician, like
the ones at Del-Air, can do a great deal to extend the life of your system.
Fortunately, your AC unit often gives warning signs that a tune-up or
repair job is necessary. Here are three signs that you are in desperate need of
AC service:

Low Air Flow

Is your air flow not as strong as usual? Clogged ducts and failing compressors
are among the many factors leading to low airflow and impaired cooling.
Because air duct issues can cause your compressor to burn out, it’s
important to have this problem corrected ASAP.

Unusual Noises

Any new sounds, such as rattling, banging or hissing, are not good signs
and should be addressed immediately. These and other noises can indicate
that something has come loose in your system. Not only do loose parts
impact the efficacy of your AC, reducing cooling power, but they can also
cause fires to break out in your unit!

Strange Odors

Strange odors can be caused bywet filters or clogs in the system, particularly in the condensate drain line. If
you notice a weird smell coming from your AC, like mold or mildew, don’t
hesitate to call an AC tech. In rare cases, rodents and other animals
can even become lodged in the AC ducts. If you smell decay, be sure to
turn off your unit and avoid using it until further notice.

Trust Del-Air with Your AC Maintenance Needs

Don’t take chances when your AC system alerts you to a potential problem.Contact Del-Air for regular maintenance of your home AC system, or call (855) 972-9943 to schedule an emergency
appointment with our team. Our experts in
AC service can repair the issue quickly and correctly with minimal disruption to
your daily routine. Our goal is to keep your system functioning and your
family safe and comfortable in the coming years.