How Does Preventative Maintenance Save You Money?

Del-air HVAC

By keeping your AC system in top shape with preventive maintenance, you can reduce your energy bills, lower the risk of emergency repairs, and prolong your system’s life. At Del-Air, we offer some of the most comprehensive air conditioning service packages to ensure families stay comfortable in their homes. Here are three benefits of preventative maintenance.

Lower Energy Bills

As your AC system works hard to keep you comfortable, parts slowly wear out, become dirty, or shift slightly. Fortunately, scheduling regular tune-ups can help keep performance up without your family having to spend a fortune on energy bills. And as utility rates skyrocket around the nation, getting the best mileage from your system becomes more important than ever.

Reduced Repairs

Even though most people only notice heating and air conditioning problems when a system suddenly isn’t cooling or heating their homes anymore, the problem almost always started long before that point. One of the benefits of scheduling periodic maintenance is that it reduces the odds of your system needing expensive repairs at inconvenient times. By paying a small amount for a tune-up now, you can save yourself a costly middle-of-the-night repair later on.

Longer System Life

It’s no secret that an air conditioner represents a significant investment. Taking care of your AC unit while it is new will help ensure its parts last as long as possible and delay the time when it will be cheaper to replace it than to continue making repairs. With that in mind, Del-Air performs a wide array of service tasks as part of our basic tune-up. Not only do we check refrigerant charges, but we also assess fan amps and compressors, clean condenser coils, and examine capacitors. Finally, we take a look at electrical connections and wires and wash or change all air filters.

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Contact Del-Air today for maintenance on your air conditioning unit. A leading AC service provider for the Orlando area, we offer three popular maintenance plans, so you can choose the best package for your needs. Book your tune-up online, or call your Del-Air Customer Service Representative today at (888) 831-2665 for a free consultation. You can rest assured knowing your family’s comfort is our top priority.