How Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money


Few of us would own a car without performing routine maintenance. Then,
why do so many people think routine maintenance doesn’t apply to their
air conditioner? The truth is that regular tune-ups help keep performance levels high
while minimizing operating costs and energy bills in the coming months.
Additionally, this service can help catch issues early, when fixing them
is less expensive. As utility rates continue to skyrocket, scheduling
preventative maintenance can help keep bills on the down-low. Learn more
about how preventative AC maintenance can save you money.

Although periodic inspections can cost you some money in the short-term,
they can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. According to the
Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), the proper installation and maintenance
of AC systems can result in up to a 50% reduction in
energy costs. While the CEE did not study the effects on residential systems,
there is a high likelihood that your family could see similar results
through regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s AC unit.

Just like the components in a car, AC equipment can wear down over time,
and key components can become clogged with dirt and grime, resulting in
poor airflow. When your system has components that aren’t functioning
efficiently, it needs to use more energy to reach the heating demands
of your family’s thermostat.

During inspections, our certified professionals make sure that each
component is functioning at maximum efficiency. Additionally, through
repeated inspections, our experts can gain a level of familiarity with
your system that enables them to anticipate when a component will need
to be repaired or replaced, allowing you to weigh your service options
before your system breaks.

Save Money with an Annual Tune-Up from Del-Air

At Del-Air, our team of expert AC technicians has a proven record of providing expert preventative maintenance services. Our goal is to ensure your
air conditioner continues running the way it should while protecting your family’s
comfort through the year. Contact Del-Air today to find out which of our
maintenance packages best suits your needs at (855) 972-9943.