So far, your home’s air conditioning has been running well this summer.
However, you still have to anticipate when something may go wrong with
the HVAC system, from the thermostat not reading properly to the entire
unit seizing up. Most homeowners are not able to fix major AC issues themselves,
so it is a good idea ahead of time to seek an expert HVAC contractor who
can perform AC repair in Orlando. Don’t have anyone on hand you
can call? Follow this guide to choosing an HVAC technician who can repair
your air conditioning system fast and dependably.

  • Take referrals. Word-of-mouth is the best way to discover a product or
    service that you’ll end up liking. Family and friends are a great
    resource for giving out referrals of HVAC companies they’ve used
    in the past.
  • Ask for references. A professional technician will gladly give up information
    on his experience and quality of work.
  • Learn the laws. Make yourself familiar with state regulations regarding
    HVAC and make sure your contractor follow them.
  • Get an estimate. A reputable contractor will evaluate your home’s
    HVAC system, from the ductwork to its energy efficiency.
  • Gather multiple bids. Comparing prices against quality is a must. Just
    remember that the cheapest bid may not necessarily end up being the best
    deal if the caliber of products and service are not up to par.
  • Have the proposal in writing. Before the HVAC technician touches your property,
    get a copy of the work proposal in writing to make sure everything stays
    according to plan.

If you’re satisfied with the AC repair in Orlando that you received,
make a point to spread the word on what a good job the contractor did.
One HVAC company that takes pride in its staff of professional AC technicians
is Del-Air. Contact us for an estimate on air conditioning installation,
repair and maintenance at

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