How To Keep Your AC Unit Safe During A Hurricane

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Hurricane season is unpredictable and devastating, and Hurricane Irma is the perfect example of a natural disaster that rocked our state to the core. The more we can do to protect ourselves and prevent any destruction, the better. This mentality is no different when it comes to your air conditioning system, as it only takes one storm to cause major, irreversible damage to your home and property. This is why it is vital you take certain steps before a hurricane makes it to your neck of the woods.

Protecting your unit starts with turning off your air conditioner during a hurricane if you aren’t going to be home to monitor the potential power surges. If left on, your unit will suffer serious harm from the constant fluctuation of electricity and power. Once the storm is in full force, you must turn the temperature down to much colder than usual, in order to keep your home cooler for a longer period of time in case of loss of power.

Once the storm has passed and you are safe to do so, turn your air conditioning on as soon as possible. Due to all of the water damage which accompanies a hurricane, you don’t want there to be a buildup of mold. However, before you do so, it is essential you have the system inspected first–in case it has been damaged by high water levels/flooding, including in the fans and electrical lines.

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