In the middle of summer, one of the last things you want to
happen is to have your home’s air conditioning unit fizzle out on
you. A non-working unit is the kind of AC repair homeowners don’t
look forward to dealing with. That means it’s time to call a trustworthy
HVAC technician at Del-Air. But, first, you must prepare yourself for
the visit. Here are some tips on how to handle the situation:

  • Identify the problem. You’ll want to be able to describe the AC issue
    to the person who takes your service call. Share any instances of odd
    noises, smells or other behaviors that may be relayed to the HVAC technician.
  • Locate the necessary equipment. Of course, the HVAC technician will need
    access to your air conditioning unit. But may also have to show him where
    the circuit breaker and thermostat are. This will save everyone from having
    to search for these components.
  • Make the equipment accessible. Clear a path to all equipment associated
    with the HVAC system whether located in the basement, closet, garage or
    crawlspace. It should be easy for the AC expert to get to the equipment.
  • Know the brand name and model number of your air conditioning unit. Having
    the model and brand names and model numbers readily available for the
    HVAC technician can help him match up part before he arrives at your home.
  • Have payment ready. When the repairs on your AC unit are complete, be ready
    to pay for the services.

When your air conditioning unit breaks, you’ll want it fixed as
quickly as possible — so you should help out your HVAC technician
as much as he’ll help you, by being prepared for the service call.
For AC repair residents can rely on, contact Del-Air at

(855) 972-9943.