How to Prevent Mold In Your Home


Florida residents know that year-round humidity is no joke. Not only does
excess moisture make your home an unpleasant place to be, but it can also
lead to the growth of mold. A serious allergen for many, mold can cause
sneezing and watery eyes and even exacerbate preexisting conditions like
asthma. Fortunately, there are steps homeowners can take to deter mold
growth in the first place. Here are some of
air conditioning service provider, Del-Air’s, suggestions for preventing mold in your home:

  • Identify problem areas in your home. The fact is that mold grows best in damp, cool areas of the house. To
    stop mold infestations in their early stages, take time to inspect wood
    products, windows, and pipes as well as any area that has suffered flooding.
  • Dry wet areas immediately. Is your roof leaking? Did you suffer a recent flood? If you want to prevent
    mold, it’s crucial that you take steps to dry leaks and wet areas ASAP.
  • Use proper ventilation to prevent moisture. Laundry areas, kitchens, and bathrooms offer a perfect breeding ground
    for mold. For best results, control humidity levels by improving airflow
    and ventilation in these regions.
  • Use mold-resistant products. Mold-resistant drywall and cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, and
    hydrogen peroxide are all great for preventing toxic growth in the home.
  • Monitor indoor humidity. Your air conditioner plays a key role in battling excess moisture in the
    home. To protect your property from mold, arrange for a professional AC
    inspection before the start of the summer season. You may also want to
    purchase a home dehumidifier, which can help prevent mold from replicating.

Trust Del-Air to Protect Your Home from Mold

The presence of mold in the home can have a profound effect on your family’s
health and happiness. Fortunately, Del-Air is there to handle all your
air conditioning services and replacement needs. For more information about reducing mold while
improving airflow in the home, call today at (855) 972-9943 or
contact the Del-Air team for assistance online. Our goal is to reduce allergies and asthma while improving your family’s comfort throughout the year.