How Your Air Conditioning Unit Actually Works


air conditioning is a lifesaver on sweltering Florida days, but do you know how the unit
actually works? If not, you aren’t alone; many people have no idea
how this all-important appliance cools their homes.

At Del-Air, we are passionate about ACs and love educating customers on
how climate control functions. If you have additional questions about
your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

Understanding Your AC System

You might think of your air conditioner as adding cool air to your home,
but it’s more accurate to say that your AC unit subtracts heat from
indoor air and transfers it outside. That transfer takes place in the
evaporator coils on the interior half of your air conditioning system.

As the coolant inside the metal coils evaporates, it acts as a heat sink
for the air that moves across it from the blower. Copper conducts heat
readily, so the coils that contain the coolant are usually made of this
metal. To maximize surface area and provide more cooling power, the copper
coils have metal fins or vanes surrounding them. While copper is very
effective, the cost has increased in recent years. As a result, many people
are utilizing aluminum coils, which provide many of the same advantages
at a fraction of the cost.

Keeping the coils clean is crucial to heat exchange. When dust and debris
accumulate on your AC coils, the particles form an insulating layer that
prevents warm household air from the blower from reaching the chilled
metal. Fortunately, Del-Air cleans coils as part of our regular
20-plus-point tune-up. Not only do we evaluate the evaporator coil for buildup, but we also
change out filters and assess blower amps to guarantee solid performance
year round.

Trust Del-Air With Your AC Repair

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 air conditioning system, contact Del-Air today. With 300 fully-stocked trucks ready, we
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