As Floridians, we all know how important a working air conditioner is to our family’s health and comfort throughout the year. However, many of us underestimate the value of AC zoning in keeping the house cool. At Del-Air, our AC technicians specialize in installing and maintaining top-of-the-line zoned air conditioning systems to meet the unique cooling needs of every room in your home. Call today to learn more about how a zoned air conditioning system can keep you comfortable year round.

Benefits of AC Zoning

A zoned system divides up the house to allow homeowners to control the temperature in individual rooms throughout their property. Recognizing that certain areas of the home receive more sunlight or shade than others, Del-Air offers the highest quality zoning systems, tailored to your unique needs. From keeping an infant’s room warm during the winter to cooling areas housing elderly individuals in the summer, zoning ensures every member of the family is comfortable at all times.

Because second-story rooms tend to be warmer during the summer than the first-level rooms, zoning is extremely beneficial for multi-level homes. Homeowners can save on energy costs by directing cold air only to those rooms situated on the upper levels. Further, you can adjust the air conditioner, depending on the time of day or the occupancy of the home, and turn it off entirely in wings that typically go unused. Do your part to protect the environment while seeing a significant reduction in your monthly energy bills.

Another advantage of AC zoning systems is that they allow you to control temperatures throughout the home from a single room. Adjust the thermostat in the bedroom to warm up the kitchen before you get downstairs, or cool down the bedroom for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Contact the AC Experts at Del-Air

Along with enhancing your family’s comfort throughout the year, zoned AC systems can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent. Contact the AC technicians at Del-Air today to find out if AC zoning is right for you. You can trust us to install only the highest-quality systems for a fantastic end result.

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