HVAC Inspections 101


At Del-Air, we stress the importance of regular
AC service because it helps your unit run more efficiently, and it also works to
extend its lifespan. With that in mind, we offer a
preventative maintenance to make sure nothing is missed. Here are some of the basics when it comes
to inspecting your HVAC unit on your own:

  • Inspect Your Filters: Air filters don’t just prevent debris from
    entering the internal components of your AC system; they also help your
    unit perform stronger for longer. If you’re not inspecting your
    air filters once a month, you may be causing the system to work harder
    to cool your home. In the long run, a dirty filter leads to lower air
    quality and higher energy bills for your home.
  • Check Your Ducts: When was the last time you checked your air ducts? If
    the fittings around the seams are loose, it could suggest that air is
    escaping. In the long run, this issue with the ductwork causes extra stress
    on your system and may lead to mechanical breakdowns.
  • Clean Your Grills: Have you noticed that your HVAC system is less efficient
    than usual? The issue may be a warped or dust-clogged grill. Failure to
    clean your grills and registers regularly can impede your unit’s
    ability to cool your home, resulting in higher energy bills over the long term.
  • Unblock Your Outside Unit: When was the last time you examined the outside
    component of your AC unit? To keep your HVAC in good working order, make
    sure that the area around your outside unit is clear of debris. Additionally,
    you should avoid blocking airflow with an outdoor wall, as this can force
    the AC to run hotter to achieve the same goals.

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