Even though it’s still early in the season, this winter in Florida
has already been chilly. The
heating service experts at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning take pride in keeping
families toasty all year long while helping them save money on heating
costs. Here are a few of our top tips for insulating your windows and
doors against the cold:

Upgrade Your Decor

Looking for an excuse to redecorate this winter? Buying heavy fabric curtains
or draperies is a great way to protect against drafts and heat loss while
adding an interesting style element to your home. Just remember to install
your new curtains with care, as gaps at the top of the window can draw
warm air from the rest of the room and cool it between the fabric and glass.

Utilize Window Insulation Film

Want to keep your family warm throughout the next cold spell? Consider
installing insulation film on your home’s windows. Unlike blinds
or curtains, insulation film allows light to penetrate while keeping the
cold from entering your home. As an added bonus, the film reflects the
sun’s heat, reducing overall temperatures inside during the hot
summer months.

Protect Your Home from Drafts

Sick of feeling that draft when you walk past a window or door? To avoid
running your furnace nonstop this winter, utilize draft snakes (fabric
tubes filled with insulation material) to seal off windowsills and other
openings in the home. Affordable and easy to install, draft snakes can
have a seriously positive effect on your utility bills. You may also want
to seal air leaks in the walls, floors and ceilings to stop warm air from
escaping and ensure your family’s comfort throughout the season.

Call Del-Air for Your Home Insulation Needs

Not only does insulating your windows and doors help keep your family comfortable
throughout the winter, but it also saves you serious money on heating
costs. The heating service professionals at Del-Air provide Florida families with the best heating
and AC services available. Call us today for an appointment with our experts
or check out more
great HVAC tips in Del-Air’s blog.