Is A Solar Attic Fan For Me?


It’s no secret that attics retain heat during the summer months.
Not only does this make your attic virtually unusable, but it also puts
a serious burden on your monthly energy bills. Solar attic fans can improve
the energy efficiency in your home, as well as provide you with other
Air conditioning services leader, Del-Air, offers a few reasons to consider installing a solar fan
this season:

  • Protect Your Roof: Any homeowner knows that replacing a roof is a huge expense. By installing
    a solar attic fan, you can extend the life of your roof by preventing
    moist air from condensing on the roof sheathing and rotting it out. As
    an added bonus, a good attic fan can fight rot and ice damming, protecting
    your shingles long term.
  • Beat Back Mold: Mold and mildew are nobody’s friends. One of the benefits of an attic
    fan is that it prevents moisture from condensing on the roof deck and
    framing. If your roof nails look rusty, you may have a mold and mildew
    problem that an attic fan could solve.
  • Improving Living Conditions: Did you know that attic temperatures average 160 during the dog days of
    summer? Without an attic fan, that heat transfers to the living spaces
    below, making life unbearable for you and your family. With proper attic
    ventilation, you can reduce temperatures while boosting your family’s
    comfort year-round.
  • Cut Energy Costs: Looking for a way to reduce utility costs this summer? A solar attic fan
    prevents the build-up of heat in your attic so your AC doesn’t have
    to work so hard. And unlike traditional attic fans, solar fans harness
    energy from the sun rather than drawing power from your HVAC system.

Install a Solar Attic Fan and Save

High energy bills got you down? Consider installing a solar attic fan this
summer. Not only do these fans reduce energy costs while improving home
comfort levels, but they can also protect your roof for the long haul.
For more information on how you can reduce your annual energy costs, call
air conditioning services company, Del-Air, today at (855) 972-9943 or
browse the Del-Air blog.