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At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that air conditioning is a way of life during
the hot summer months. However, as fall rolls around, and you find yourself
relying on your AC a little less, you may want to think about making those
much-needed repairs you’ve been putting off. If your system has
been seriously struggling, it might even be time to consider
air conditioning replacement. Here are three important reasons to contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning for AC replacement this season:

1. Reduced Demand. While you may be tempted to put off that air conditioner
replacement job until the spring, the wiser choice is to schedule your
service during the cooler months. Because you’re not in a hurry,
you can afford to shop around for the most experienced contractor, ensuring
that the job is done right the first time around. Additionally, the price
for your new unit is likely to be lower in fall because of the reduced demand.

2. Time to Work Out the Bugs. Has your AC been on the fritz of late? Another
reason to consider replacing your system in autumn is that it gives you
time to troubleshoot problems. After all, the last thing you want is to
find yourself without a working AC system when the summer heat hits.

3. Improved Efficiency. Most of us aren’t thrilled at the prospect
of purchasing a brand-new AC system. However, the truth is that upgrading
during the fall can lead to lower energy bills for the summer months.
As newer air conditioners tend to be more energy efficient than the older
models, replacing your system can actually save you money in the long
run. You can lower utility bills while doing your part to preserve the
Earth for future generations.

Schedule Your AC Repair With Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning

At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in repairing and
replacing old air conditioners with the latest brand-name models. Our
focus on customer service, coupled with our best-price guarantee, has
helped us become Florida’s top choice for HVAC. Schedule your
air conditioning replacement this fall and rest assured knowing that your family will remain cool and
comfortable when the hot weather rolls around again.