When Florida residents experience
air conditioner problems, they can’t afford to wait for service. At Del-Air, we
pride ourselves on offering timely, expert cooling services to preserve
your family’s comfort. From replacing aging equipment to dealing
with unexpected weather events and power surges, we can handle all your
AC concerns quickly, efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your
daily life. Learn more about some of the most prevalent summer AC issues
below and call us for an AC evaluation and consultation:

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the most common summer air conditioning issues is a low level of
refrigerant. This problem may indicate a leak in your air conditioner
system. Without expedient repair, leaks can result in a wide range of
issues including poor performance and even damage to the environment.
If you think your system may be leaking, don’t hesitate to contact
an HVAC professional for immediate service.

Primary Motor Starter Failure

A burnt-out primary motor starter will mean that your AC doesn’t
kick on when the thermostat signals it to do so. In some cases, the points
of a motor starter can weld together, causing the air conditioner to stay
on at all times. Caused by ordinary wear and tear on the system, primary
motor burn-outs may prevent your AC from functioning at top capacity and
leave you sweating during the summer months. Regular maintenance is the
best way to keep your motor starter in good working order, allowing you
to avoid costly repairs down the line.

Compressor Problems

Compressor failure is another frequent cause of cooling problems. It can
result from sloppy installation or poor-quality ductwork. Without regular
service, the air conditioner may no longer cool your home as effectively.
If your compressor appears burned or pitted in places, you will probably
need to replace it to ensure your AC continues to function as intended.

Trust Del-Air With Your AC Repair

At Del-Air, our
air conditioner specialists have the skill and experience to determine what’s plaguing
your air conditioning unit and correct the problem efficiently. Schedule
an appointment with our cooling experts today and let us exceed your every
expectation. We look forward to helping preserve your family’s comfort
year round.

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