Del-Air   What is ENERGY STAR? Surely you’ve heard of it by now. Is it a government agency, a manufacturer, or a brand? Actually, all three labels apply. ENERGY STAR-qualified products can save you serious money on your utility bills, even offering tax rebates. They are also environmentally friendly. Becoming ENERGY STAR certified The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instituted ENERGY STAR standards for efficiency in 1992 as a means of promoting energy-efficient products. These products minimize environmental impact and help energy consumers to save significant money as well. ENERGY STAR-certified heating and cooling systems: 1. Are more efficient than systems which meet minimum U.S. governmental standards (at least 10%). By reducing greenhouse gas emissions they also lessen negative environmental impact. 2. Have a recognizable label which helps consumers to identify certified, energy-efficient appliances. These state-of-the-art systems save you big money on your energy bills while maintaining the highest standards for comfort and efficiency. Products which have earned the ENERGY STAR label are so energy efficient they help you recover your investment over a short period of time. Say goodbye to sky-high utility bills in the summer while remaining cool and comfortable in your home! How would you like to save 33% on your utility bills this summer with this heat? It’s a winning combination – being smart for the environment is also smart for your wallet. Large appliances such as central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces easily benefit you the most from increased efficiency. However, being a conscious consumer of energy is prudent in every aspect of our daily lives, from computers and major household appliances to televisions, ceiling fans and light bulbs – all of which are available with the familiar ENERGY STAR label! Your heating and A/C experts at Del-Air have the ENERGY STAR products you need and want to maximize your home energy savings. Call us today – and don’t forget to ask about the latest tax rebates available when you become an ENERGY STAR!  

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