It is time to get smart about your AC’s Thermostat!


As air conditioning pros, Del-Air is always looking for ways to help our customers live more comfortably in their homes. To that end, we often recommend that clients purchase smart thermostats to boost comfort while improving energy efficiency.

How Smart Thermostats Work

A smart thermostat is a programmable thermostat with extra “smart” features that make it easier and more convenient to use. Before you decide whether or not to purchase a programmable thermostat, it’s important to understand how these devices work. Essentially, a programmable thermostat lets homeowners set their temperature schedules for the week. The thermostat will then automatically adjust the temperature based on the day and time. This type of climate control system has two main advantages:

  • More convenience and comfort: With a traditional AC system, different members of the family often adjust the temperature based on their whims throughout the day. When you purchase a smart thermostat, you can set temps in advance and always wake up, and go to sleep, to the right setting.
  • Monetary Savings: One of the biggest benefits of a programmable thermostat is the potential to save money on energy costs. Experts reveal that increasing your temperature setting by just one degree can cut one percent from your cooling bill. If you set the programmable thermostat properly, you could save up to $180 a year, according to ENERGY STAR. That means you’ll recoup the cost of the programmable thermostat in less than a year.

Additional Features: Smart and programmable thermostats offer numerous benefits. Not only can you connect to the Internet for software updates, but you can also change temperature settings on your phone or iPad from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you can track your energy usage to discover opportunities to save money on your energy bill.

Let Del-Air Handle Your AC Maintenance

If you are interested in purchasing a smart thermostat for your AC, contact Del-Air today. Experts in air conditioning services, our technicians perform thorough 20-Plus Point Maintenance Checks to ensure your system is ready for the coming season. To schedule an AC tune-up, call (855) 972-9943 today, or contact Del-Air online.