Have you ever been quietly toiling away at work only to realize that the
weather has heated up dramatically and that you have forgotten to set
your air conditioning system at home? If only you could adjust the controls
so that by the time you got home, everything would be comfortable. Unfortunately,
you’re stuck at work and can’t take the time to drive home
just to make sure your home will remain comfortable.

Many homeowners are opting to get Wi-Fi thermostats installed to give them
greater flexibility and control over their heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning (HVAC) equipment. It’s best to have a qualified technician
inspect and evaluate your home before installing a Wi-Fi thermostat.

Just as Wi-Fi enables you to check your email or surf the Internet from
your laptop or cellphone at a coffee shop, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats let
you access information about your air conditioning remotely.

You can set up your Wi-Fi thermostat to automatically send you an email
message whenever the temperature falls outside of a particular range.
This will give you an early idea if the equipment is malfunctioning, for example.

Getting a message that it’s more than 90 degrees in your house could
mean that you forgot to turn on the air conditioner, or that it has broken
and needs a service call. Either way, you have the information you need
to move forward.

Or, if you happen to notice that it’s unseasonably warm outside,
you can quickly access your thermostat and set it to activate at whatever
temperature you desire, while you are on the go. Because you have greater
control over your AC system, you can save a lot of money on your utility
bills, as well as avoid wasting energy.

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