Del-Air   When it comes to air conditioning repair, it is easy to assume that the best solution is waiting until the unit breaks down or shows signs of strain. The truth is that it is best to have your unit properly maintained with a yearly check-up because it can cut your energy costs. Basic Checks A key reason for yearly maintenance is that it will catch a problem before it develops into a serious situation. Professionals at Del-Air check all of the electrical elements of the AC, the charge of refrigerant and the major parts that impact how well the unit works. By ensuring that the unit is in proper condition, it is easier to use the unit throughout the hotter months of the year. It also identifies when air conditioning repair is necessary for the unit to run properly. Taking Care of Problems Regular maintenance is about handling common problems as well as finding serious concerns. The maintenance provided by Del-Air includes: -Changing the filters -Cleaning the return air grills and exterior parts -Lubricating parts that move It is not only about handling the major problems that may develop, but also preventing problems from occurring. Even dusting and cleaning are important to an AC unit and might cause problems if it is left without taking appropriate measures to clean it. It is important to get your AC checked at least once per year. It helps clean up the unit and ensures that problems are not reducing the efficiency of your unit. By catching the problems with your unit early, the cost of repairs are lower and it is much easier to fix any problems that arise without wasting time or risking that the repairs are not possible.  

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