Learn The 3 Mistakes Rookie AC Technicians Make


The fact is that not all
air conditioning technicians are created equal. To avoid future issues when hiring an AC
contractor, take some time to learn about these common mistakes made by
inexperienced, fresh-out-of-school AC contractors, or shoddy contractors
just looking to make a buck.

  • Not examining the whole house: Some AC companies tend to focus on the individual
    components of your home’s heating and cooling system. However, an
    experienced AC contractor knows that the home works as a system, and it’s
    important to consider more than the air conditioning unit when something
    goes wrong. As a result, technicians need to assess your home size, insulation,
    and sealing, among other factors, if they hope to keep your AC running well.
  • Ignoring ventilation and air circulation: Another mistake some AC contractors
    can make is to be consumed with heating and cooling but fail to take ventilation
    needs into account. To keep your air quality high and your family healthy,
    it’s important for technicians to balance positive and negative
    air pressure and make certain the air is circulating. Examining the ductwork
    is also essential for protecting your air quality in the upcoming months.
  • Improperly sizing the AC system: Relying on “rule-of-thumb”
    sizing methods is a no-no, and it’s the lazy way to size an air
    conditioning system. The fact is that every home is unique, and rule-of-thumb
    sizing rarely works. At Del-Air, we consider a wide array of factors,
    including home size and insulation, and sit down with every homeowner
    to discuss the best option available.

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