With utility costs on the rise, it’s no secret that homeowners are
looking for ways to lower their energy bills. However, when it comes to
energy-saving tips, not all the information out there is accurate. While
you may think that closing air vents in certain rooms will save you money,
the truth is that obstructing the flow of heat can have serious consequences.
Here are some problems our
heating service experts have seen arise when you close your heater’s air vents while
the system is functioning:

Insufficient Heating

By closing air vents, homeowners trigger their systems’ thermal limit
switches too early. As a result, HVAC units are unable to heat the entire
home. Additionally, closing off air vents can create a build-up of pressure,
which results in cold air being drawn in through cracks in the windows
and warm air leaking from the ducts. At the end of the day, you may be
paying for heat you aren’t even using.

Structural Stresses

The walls and doors of your property are not built to accommodate severe
variations in temperature. When you close your vents, making one room
hotter or colder than another may be putting greater stress on nails,
screws and other components that are making up your home’s structure.
In the long run, you may wind up spending more on home repairs than you’re
saving on heat.

Room-by-Room Damage

Finally, if your home is climate controlled with a whole-house dehumidifier,
certain rooms may see more damage than others when cut off from the air
source. As unfiltered air is drawn in from the outside, it can increase
the level of dust and humidity in the air. Over time, rooms with blocked
airflow can suffer damage to wood and other components. In the long run,
the best way to keep your heating unit flowing smoothly and efficiently
is to leave vents open and let the system work as intended.

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