Life In Florida Without AC Wouldn’t Be Cool


Florida has many things going for it—beautiful beaches, a diverse
wildlife, and Disney World. However, the Sunshine State can also be uncomfortably
hot during the summer months. To survive in this sometimes stifling climate,
homeowners need to do everything in their power to keep their
air conditioning working at top capacity.

The History of Climate Control in Florida

From tiny window units to powerful central AC systems, the history of air
conditioning is more interesting than many Americans can imagine. In fact,
the population of Florida didn’t really experience growth until
the advent of the central AC system.

In the 1940s, air conditioning was mainly reserved for businesses like
motels and restaurants. As a result, many Americans attended film showings
just to get out of the heat. However, in the 1950s, air conditioning came
to the average Floridian home, followed quickly by the adoption of central
air in the 60s. With the development of heat pumps in the 70s, climate
control was completely revolutionized, making Florida a much more pleasant
place to live.

Of course, AC offers more than just mere comfort for Florida residents.
A working air conditioning system also protects people’s health
and safety throughout the year. While babies and elderly family members
are particularly vulnerable to Florida temperatures, the effects of heat
and humidity can impact everyone in the family. Not only does a functioning
AC keep your loved ones cool, but it also reduces asthma attacks and instances
of allergies by improving air quality in the home. And business owners
know that AC does a great deal to boost employee performance and productivity
throughout the year.

Contact Del-Air to Stay Cool This Season

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