Mold And Your Ac Unit: An Unhealthy Combination


Here in Florida, almost everyone has an air conditioning unit battle with both the heat and intolerable humidity. After all, these
conditions can affect your home’s comfort and have a negative impact
on your family’s health.

While AC systems do a good job of removing humidity from the home, over
time, the damp air, combined with dust and debris that get past the air
filter, begin to accumulate inside the air handler, blower, and even the
duct system. In the long run, mold can grow inside your AC unit, a development
that is highly dangerous for you and your loved ones. Understanding how
mold affects your AC unit is crucial to protecting your family for the
long haul.

Understanding Mold Growth

Mold usually starts to grow on the evaporator coil, where the condensate
pan is located, which is always full of water. Over time, the mold particles
travel into the air, causing respiratory problems for those living in
the home. In fact, a person residing in an environment plagued by mold
can suffer from a wide range of conditions, including asthma and allergies.
The issue can be particularly severe for infants, young children, elderly
family members, and women who are pregnant.

To ensure all mold is removed, the ducts, evaporator, and blower should
be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. Not only does cleaning out these
components reduce the presence of mold and other contaminants, but it
also helps your system to do its job more efficiently. The end result
is that your family breathes easier while you spend far less on cooling costs.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up with Del-Air

Once a professional has removed all possible traces of mold from your unit,
it’s important to replace your air filter monthly and receive
regular maintenance visits from the technicians of Del-Air. Doing this should help your
air conditioning unit remain effective and mold-free. Leaders in heating and cooling system
services, Del-Air, offer multiple annual maintenance packages so clients
can choose the best options for their needs. Call (855) 972-9943 today for a free maintenance consultation with one of our technicians and rest assured knowing your air conditioning unit is in the best of hands.