AC units on side of house

My AC is Running, so Why Does My Florida Home Feel Humid & Muggy?

In our Floridian climate, heat and humidity are major concerns. In areas like Daytona Beach, the average annual relative humidity is 75 percent, with levels averaging 86 percent in the mornings. During the wet summer months, these numbers are typically higher, creating a distinctly muggy environment. While your air conditioner should help dehumidify your home and keep things comfortable, it doesn’t always do the job properly. If your AC system is running but your space still feels damp and humid, there are a few causes that you might need to consider.

Your AC Isn’t Running Often Enough

Your air conditioner naturally reduces humidity in the home because cool air holds less moisture than warm air. However, the system can’t effectively pull moisture from the home if it’s not running. After the afternoon rain, your home may still meet your temperature settings, but the extra water in the air can seep in, leaving the house feeling muggy.

A quick fix for this is to keep your air conditioner running continuously. Your system actually uses less energy when it’s running for longer periods of time than it will when it cycles on and off frequently. This tactic won’t necessarily cause your energy bills to rise as much as you might think.

You Need AC Repairs

As warm air passes over the coils in your system, it leaves some of that water behind. This drips off of the coils into the condensate pan and exits the system through the condensate drain. If any part of the system is malfunctioning, it can cause higher humidity levels than usual. Your home may feel muggy because the condensate drain is clogged or there isn’t enough refrigerant in the coils. Contact our technicians for a quick diagnosis and effective solution to any air conditioner problems.

Your System is Too Small for Your Home

Sizing is critical when it comes to the effectiveness of your air conditioner. A system that’s too small simply can’t handle the amount of air that’s in your home. While it will dehumidify the home moderately, it won’t deliver the comfort levels that you’re really after. Our technicians can inspect your system and make sure it’s sized properly. If you don’t have the right AC system for your home, upgrading to one that’s the right size will improve your comfort levels in many ways.

You Need a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

In some cases, even an efficient, properly sized AC system isn’t enough to fully combat the humidity that we experience here in Florida. If you simply can’t get the comfort you’re after with your air conditioner, a whole-home dehumidifier may be the best solution. This fits in your existing AC system and dehumidifies air throughout the home.

If you’re struggling with mugginess in your Florida home, contact Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning at (888) 831-2665 to explore your options for fixing the problem. We offer efficient air conditioner repairs, new installations and more to help you get the cool comfort you’re after.