New Regulations Affect Homeowners Needing New AC Units & Water Heaters

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It’s no secret that energy costs have been climbing in recent years. However, homeowners may not realize that new energy conservation standards can affect their water heater and air conditioning unit in Tampa purchases in the coming months.

In recent years, the US Department of Energy has made serious efforts to improve energy efficiency. As of January 2015, the government is imposing new standards on energy requirements for AC units, heat pumps, and water heaters. For 15 southern states, including Florida, the minimum SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) was raised from 13 to 14. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the product is. Similarly, new central heating pumps must meet a SEER rating of 14 and 8.0-8.2 HSPF. A term used in the HVAC industry, the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is a ratio of heat output to electricity use and measures the efficiency of air source heat pumps.

Additionally, the government is enforcing new standards for water heater sales. As of April 16, 2015, homeowners must purchase more efficient water heaters. Because some of these newer units are larger and heavier, homeowners may be forced to make structural modifications to their homes in order to accommodate them.

Understanding that heating and cooling cost families $1,000 a year, Del-Air is committed to providing customers with the most energy efficient HVAC products. If your AC or heating system is more than 12 years old, you may want to replace it with a brand-new, Energy Star-approved model. In the long run, purchasing a new HVAC unit can cut your energy costs by an astonishing 30-50 percent. As an added bonus, you may be able to qualify for a tax credit on your new system purchase.

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