Once again, summer is right around the corner and it’s time to think
about our air conditioning. The blazing Florida sun will show no mercy
to the unprepared! Most likely your air conditioner has been sitting idle
for several months, subjected to the encroachment of the elements –
water, wind, and the natural erosion of time. Are you prepared for summer’s
scorching onslaught? What will you do if, when you flip the little switch
on your thermostat to “COOL” – nothing happens?

Well this simply will not happen if you’ve been taking advantage
of Del-Air’s popular preventive maintenance service programs. However,
if you are in need of Orlando air conditioning repair, Del-Air has the
expert technicians you need who will come to your home or office quickly,
diagnose the problem and restore you to cool comfort.

Orlando air conditioning repair companies are ubiquitous, but, as you’ve
probably already discovered, not all HVAC outfits are the same. Del-Air
is Orlando’s premier AC repair company, repeatedly voted #1 in service
by our loyal and always-satisfied customers. We are the established professionals
who never lost the family-friendly style of customer service that you’d
expect from a mom-and-pop business. You can call us any time, day or night,
and we will get your air conditioning system back in shape. With our thorough
knowledge of air conditioning repair in Orlando, we will also ensure that
your HVAC system is running at peak efficiency, saving you big money on
those potentially exorbitant summer cooling costs.

In the event we discover your air conditioning system requires replacement,
Del-Air has all the latest models from all the manufacturers you know
and trust, and we offer special financing for 12 months with approved
credit on all of our air conditioning units. Need Orlando air conditioning
repair? Call Del-Air! We serve Greater Orlando, as well as Tampa Bay,
Jacksonville, the Space Coast and South Florida.