Orlando residents know that even though summer ends officially the third week in September, the Orlando air conditioning season lasts well into winter. They know that to stay cool and comfortable, they need to keep their air conditioning in top operating conditioning.

An air conditioner that operates normally for just one air conditioning season in Orlando runs the equivalent of a car that has gone 100,000 miles. Even for the most advanced car on the road today, that means ten maintenance visits to the shop for oil changes and other routine maintenance services. Since your AC is your most expensive appliance, it deserves the same care.

AC Maintenance

During the warm weather, Del-Air offers a 20-point maintenance program. Included in this low price inspection:

1. Check and clean condenser coil

2. Brush out electrical cabinet

3. Change/wash filter

4. Lubricate all moving parts where applicable

5. Flush and vacuum drain line/pan and evaluate drainage

6. Clean equipment exterior

7. Check final performance and report necessary improvements

8. Inspect/check 14 other important functions

This program will keep your air conditioning running in top form. Your home will be more comfortable and your electrical bills lower when you have your unit maintained.

AC Repair Orlando

Even the best quality and best-maintained machines will fail. When your air conditioning unit fails, call Del-Air.

Our service technicians will be at your residence in a timely fashion. Our well-stocked trucks ensure that our technicians have the parts to do a repair on their initial visit. They are experienced and well trained and will keep your belongings near the unit protected when they make repairs.

We stand behind our work; every repair has a satisfaction guarantee! Since our thirty-year-old company is employee-owned, our guarantee is personal. Call Del-Air for your Orlando AC repair now. Call our friendly staff now at (888) 831-2665.

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