Have you ever wondered why older houses look different in various parts of the country? While architects used to design homes with the regional climate in mind, newer houses throughout the US tend to feature similar floor plans. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: central air conditioning. Your Tampa air conditioning service experts Del-Air thought this blog would be an interesting read for our customers.

How AC Changed Home Design

Air conditioning revolutionized the way homes were built in this country. Before World War II, the hot weather in regions like Florida, Texas, and Southern California kept population levels relatively low. When they did build in these areas, architects tend to design houses so homeowners could enjoy outside breezes. While the North favored trackhouses and ranches, most southern homes featured large porches, high ceilings, and open floor plans to reduce overheating.

All of this changed with the widespread adoption of AC in the late 20th century. Not only did architects begin designing “northern-style” homes throughout the entire country, builders could also create large buildings and skyscrapers for the first time in history. In this sense, the invention of AC also had a significant impact on the way business was conducted in the US.

While most of us would admit that AC adoption was a step forward for civilization, it’s hard not to regret the aesthetic consequences of standardizing home design throughout the country. Because architects aren’t designing homes based on climate concerns anymore, new housing developments in the South feature the same style trends as those in the North or Midwest. By once more making architectural choices based on locale, homeowners may be able to cut energy costs while adding interest and variability to their properties.

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