Your air conditioner works hard to pump out air that keeps you and your
family comfortable and cool. You pay for this luxury each month when you
get your electric bill. Because of this, you want to do everything possible
to keep the cold air in—to save money and help you stay comfortable.
Even if you have a great HVAC Orlando system, poor insulation can cause
this air to seep outside. Follow these tips to help!

1. Make sure your attic has at least 10 inches of fresh standard insulation
or check out the new spray-on insulation options.

2. Doors are a major problem with leaking cool air outside. Make sure there
is a tight seal around the door and consider adding door sweeps to prevent
under-door air leaks.

3. Windows can be insulated in two ways. Choosing insulated panes will
make a big difference; weather sealing and film are inexpensive ways to
improve things as well. Dark drapes or curtains can keep sunlight out
and help save your AC from working too hard.

4. Check your walls for cracks and feel around the edges of electrical
outlets. These are both places where air can easily escape—these
spots are also a problem area for bugs and insects, too.

If you are worried that your home is not as energy efficient as it could
be—especially if you are worried about air escaping, call Del-Air
today. We will be happy to conduct a professional walk-through and help
get you going in the right direction towards preventing air leaks around
your home. Del-Air is your HVAC Orlando company and we want to save you
money and help keep your family cool and comfortable all summer long.