Protect Your AC This Hurricane Season


Although we all know well in advance when a hurricane is coming, taking the proper precautions can help your family deal better with one of the annoyances of living in Florida. Here are some tips from Tampa air conditioning experts, Del-Air, for protecting your AC while making life a little easier during hurricane season:

Lower Your Home’s Temperature

If there is a hurricane approaching, take a moment to lower your AC temp so that your house can remain cooler longer in the event of a power outage. After all, a hurricane is inconvenient enough without suffering stifling heat and humidity to boot!

Turn Off Your System

While it’s wise to turn up the AC before a storm, once the hurricane hits you should absolutely NOT run your AC unit. If a power surge occurs, it can fry your unit, necessitating expensive repairs or even a complete system replacement. To protect your home’s HVAC system, switch off the unit at the circuit breaker and don’t turn it back on until the hurricane passes.

Look for Damage

Even if you turn off your AC, it’s possible for damage to occur during a hurricane. To ensure you’re in the clear, take time to inspect your system after a storm has passed. Examine the area surrounding the unit and look for damage from water or flying objects like tree limbs. Next, turn the HVAC unit back on at the circuit breaker to make sure it’s working properly. By letting the unit idle for too long, you risk mold developing and causing even bigger problems for your home.

Trust Del-Air to Protect Your Home HVAC System

Worried that your AC unit sustained damage during that last hurricane? When everything settles down, call Del-Air for a check-up on your unit to ensure no hidden damage occurred that could affect its efficiency and longevity. Not only do we provide expert maintenance and repair services on Tampa air conditioning, but we also supply the latest energy-efficient air conditioners should you want to replace your current model. Call today at (855) 972-9943, or contact our team online for more tips on staying cool in your home this season.