Radiant Barriers And Your Home


Have your energy bills been on the high side of late? The problem may be that your current insulation isn’t sufficient to keep heat inside in the winter and out in the summer. Tampa air conditioning company, Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, specializes in installing radiant barrier insulation to help reduce energy bills while boosting your family’s comfort throughout the year.

  • How They Work: It’s no secret that attic heat poses a significant burden to a home’s cooling system. Typically installed in residential attics, radiant barrier insulation cuts cooling costs by reducing heat gain during the summer months. Composed of special materials that reflect heat instead of absorbing it, this type of insulation directs heat back toward the roof instead of allowing it to raise temperatures in the living space. The end result is a significant reduction in your monthly cooling costs.
  • Different Types of Radiant Barriers: Homeowners considering radiant barrier attic insulation have a number of options at their disposal. You may choose to use double-faced radiant barriers for added protection or a perforated option to let moisture escape.
    Additionally, families can choose to combine radiant barrier systems with other types of insulation materials. In this way, the radiant barrier serves as the facing material of the thermal insulation.
  • Installing Radiant Barriers: Unlike other forms of insulation, radiant barrier is installed in the attic ceiling beneath the roofing rather than in the walls or floors. When adding radiant barrier insulation to your home, place the sheet foil-side down between the roof rafters to avoid the accumulation of dust and then staple it in place. You should also leave a space of two inches between the foil and the insulation at the eaves.

Learn How Radiant Barriers from Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning can Help You Save

Installing radiant barrier insulation in the home can help protect your family’s comfort while reducing monthly energy spend. Fortunately, the team at Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning is there to help. Our Tampa air conditioning techs have the skill and experience to assess your home’s insulation and determine the best method of stopping waste. For more information on how to save on your cooling costs, please browse the Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning blog or call (855) 972-9943 to speak to a member of our team. We look forward to helping preserve your family’s comfort year round.