Reduce Energy Bills By Installing An Attic Fan

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At Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we specialize in keeping Floridians
cool throughout all four seasons by providing
Tampa air conditioning services. One effective way to reduce energy bills, while taking advantage of the
mild temperatures that spring, fall, and winter can bring, is by installing
a whole-house fan, also known as an attic fan.

A whole-house fan uses powerful suction to draw air from all parts of your
home, creating cooling circulation and replacing hot, inside air with
cooler, outside air. Warm air is then exhausted through vents in the roof
or undereaves, provided that you have the correct roof and attic venting
required to allow for pressurized air to escape. The result is a cooler
home for you and your family.

For best results, whenever the outside temperature drops below the temperature
inside the home, you should open some screened windows and flip on the
attic fan. You can pull cool, dry air into the house while dumping the
hot air outside through the vents in the roof.

Choosing the Right Attic Fan for Your Home

While various fan types can be effective, ceiling-mounted whole-house fans
are among the most popular varieties. Installed in the attic between the
ceiling and living space, these fans move large amounts of air. Additionally,
many homeowners opt for ducted whole-house fans. These models are quieter
because they are mounted in the attic, away from living space. Flexible
ductwork runs from low-key room grilles to the fan, so the air can be
vented directly out of the house, rather than through attic vents. Overall,
whole-house fans use about 10 percent of the energy an air conditioner
uses and can pay for themselves in just a few seasons.

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