A senior man checking the air filter

Save Money by Regularly Changing the Air Filter In Your HVAC System

Keeping cool in the sticky Orlando heat is often a challenge, but it shouldn’t be expensive. If your utility costs are higher than you expected, your HVAC system’s air filter may be the culprit. Your air filter is critical to maintaining the air quality inside your home, but you could be costing yourself money if you aren’t changing it regularly. Here’s why it pays to keep a fresh, new filter in your HVAC system at all times.

Boost Your Efficiency

The filter in your HVAC system is great for trapping the dust, allergens and other particulates that can ruin your air quality, but it can become very dirty and clogged over time. This reduces the airflow through your system and causes it to work harder, leading to compromised efficiency. Replacing a clogged filter with a fresh one may provide energy savings of up to 15 percent per month. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends doing this at least once every three months, though you may need to replace your filter more frequently during periods of heavy use.

Reduce Wear and Tear

In addition to reducing efficiency, a clogged air filter can impact your HVAC system in other ways as well. By causing your HVAC to work harder, a dirty filter puts undue stress on the system’s mechanical components. This leads to more frequent repairs and emergency service calls. Ultimately, it may even shorten the total lifespan of your system. Considering the cost of fully replacing an HVAC system, the minimal expense of a new filter every month or two is a wise investment that’s likely to pay off in a big way.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s certainly true when it comes to HVAC systems. To learn more about how changing your air filter and taking other precautions can save you money, check out Del-Air’s preventive maintenance services or call (888) 831-2665 for a free consultation.