Sealing & Insulation Keeping Your AC Efficient


Few of us are aware of all the factors affecting
Tampa air conditioning function. And while many AC problems can and should be left to the professionals,
homeowners should take the time to educate themselves about some of the
elements impacting unit performance. Duct sealing and insulation are two
factors that are critical to your air conditioning system’s energy
efficiency. Here are some factors to consider when increasing your ductwork

  • Repair loose connections. It’s important to make sure duct sections
    are screwed together so they don’t come apart as the unit expands
    or shifts. Additionally, you should make sure grills are fastened so air
    leaks can’t form between the wall and duct.
  • Seal seams and joints with mastic. Also known as metal tape, mastic is
    effective for sealing duct seams and joints. On the contrary, regular
    duct tape can degrade based on weather conditions.
  • Repair or replace flex ducts. The installation process can result in crushed
    ducts and lead to problems with your system’s airflow. When in doubt,
    replace bent ducts to maintain proper AC function.
  • Insulate ducts properly. Do your ducts run through parts of the house that
    aren’t climate controlled? If you have ducts in the attic or basement,
    be sure to insulate them to prevent loss of heat or cold. For best results,
    use a vapor barrier to stop condensation from forming and affecting the
    insulation’s efficacy. Most experts recommend insulation that carries
    an R-value of six or higher.

Keep Energy Bills Low with Help From Del-Air Heating and Air Conditioning

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