Selling Your Home? Hey Your Air Conditioning Ready


As Florida residents, we at Del-Air know how important a working
Tampa air conditioning unit is to your family’s health and wellness. Similarly, house hunters
might see a malfunctioning air conditioner as a deal-breaker in a climate
this hot and humid. If you are planning to sell your home this year, be
sure that your air conditioning unit doesn’t cause any problems
with your home’s inspection. Here are some things you need to do
so that your AC unit passes inspection and prospective homeowners don’t
pass you by:

  • Change Your Filter: When was the last time you changed your AC filter?
    If it’s been awhile, you might want to consider doing so before
    you put your home up for sale. Not only do filters catch dirt and debris,
    easing the burden on your system, but they also help reduce overall energy
    costs. In the long run, changing your filters is a key step toward extending
    the lifespan of your unit.
  • Get a Programmable Thermostat: Want to add value to your home while improving
    your family’s quality of life? Consider installing a programmable
    thermostat. These devices offer numerous benefits including the ability
    to boost your home’s comfort while reducing energy spend. Additionally,
    many models allow you to adjust the temperature remotely from a mobile
    device if you forget to do so while at home.
  • Clean the Area Around Your Outside Unit: Dirt and debris can clog your
    AC’s outdoor component and prevent the system from functioning optimally.
    For best results, remove leaves, grass, and dirt from the space around
    the system. You should also avoid planting flowers or vegetables too close
    to the unit if you have a garden.
  • Have a Del-Air Expert Inspect and Provide a Tune-up to Your AC: Periodic
    tune-ups help keep your AC performing well while minimizing operating
    costs. Just as you seek regular vehicle maintenance, it’s important
    to have your AC inspected and serviced regularly.

Call Del-Air for Expert AC Service

The fact is that not all
Tampa air conditioning technicians are created equal. For the best results, be sure to use an
experienced and licensed professional to helpget your air conditioning unit ready to pass an inspection. When you call the technicians at Del-Air at

(855) 972-9943, you can be rest assured knowing that the people coming
to your home are experienced and capable and that they’ll leave
your property in just the condition they found it. Count on us to treat
your family just as we would our own.